We offer GDPR in house training courses.  


The topics covered in the course include:

  • Key Definitions
  • Data Protection Rules and Principles
  • Rights of Individuals
  • Security Requirements
  • Sharing, Using, Transferring and Deleting Data

The course content is bespoke to your organisation.  Each course covers the core elements of GDPR including overview of GDPR, it's background, terminology and what it means.

Key implementation and compliance areas.

Subject Access Requests and how to respond.

Commercial and employment contracts and modifications according to GDPR.

Key steps to implementing GDPR including:
Privacy by design, consent, consent withdrawal, Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA's) and Protecting your business from privacy legal threats

  • Protecting your business and adequate security tools,
  • Encryption, Pseudonymisation and Minimisation.
  • Training, competence and staff awareness requirements.
  • Education assistance
  • The role of a DPO (Data Protection Officer),
  • Data Processors
  • Sub Processors
  • Data Controllers.
  • Incident Response,
  • Updating policies, procedures and documenting processes now and ongoing. Internal GDPR document and Data Retention Policies.