Woolven and Brown Ltd  is unique.


We offer professional training on Data Protection legislation and the GDPR and the impact this will have on UK business.


We provide bespoke services designed around meeting your needs as a business to approach Data Protection Legislation and Brexit.


We boast more than 20 years of experience in legal practice and training. As a result, we are the market leaders in GDPR and Brexit training offering that extra layer of support and training for your business.


Our approach is to provide tailored development in the form of seminars, events, in-house training and consultancy.




Our GDPR Courses are exclusive and cover all aspects of GDPR from start to finish. In addition we offer business policies, processes, business risk, third party risk and assessments, data protection by design, data security, incident response, legal requirements and associated frameworks.


Once you complete the course you will have a good understanding of what GDPR means to your business, how it affects each of the roles in your organisation.


We provide you with practical examples that are related and specific to your organisation and guidelines to start implementing GDPR.


We receive excellent feedback.


The courses are highly interactive and informative. Our trainers also have high levels of experience in other relevant fields such ISO, Data Security, Cyber Essentials and the original DPA so this knowledge can be applied to any questions.