Woolven and Brown Ltd  was started by its Managing Director, Charlotte Woolven-Brown in 2017 as she felt that there was demand within the construction industry to adjust to modern technology on Construction Disputes.   With advances in technology and a focus on The Internet of Things (IoT), Woolven and Brown are the specialists to help you with your Construction dispute.

Stepping into the digital future, we assist companies with evolving technology and designs ensuring they are legally compliant with data protection legislation.  We take pride in assisting Companies embrace Digital transformation.  For matters of dispute resolution we use and understand modern and advanced technology.  As the Internet of things (IoT) expands in our world, we are able to understand the operational and privacy challenges that these new sources of digital evidence raise.


Following almost 20 years dealing with dispute resolution in the Construction Sector Charlotte began the company by educating many clients and contractors regarding Data Protection and GDPR through training Board members, Directors and key contacts within the UK construction sector.

The Company has evolved to become a specialist Company attending to the Construction sector almost exclusively.

Woolven and Brown Ltd offer competitive rates for quality solutions – but at more competitive rates than other claims consultancies and solicitors were charging. Woolven and Brown ensure that all chartered surveyors who may be utilised in any project are both RICS and CIARB accredited and are experts in their field.


Please email  us for a quote and you will find that our hourly rates are highly competitive when compared with other claims consultancies or solicitors on info@woolvenandbrown.co.uk

  • GDPR

  • Problems and Solutions

  • Adjudication referral and defences

  • Retention recovery

  • Final Accounts

  • Debt Collection

  • Main Contract and sub Contract drafting

  • Procurement and management Services

  • Contract Amendment and recomendations

  • Training