Covid-19 Law

Coronavirus Act 2020

The world has changed fast.  Too fast. As a result of the global pandemic we have been placed in unchartered territory.  


As a result of this we have the Coronavirus Act 2020 which has now received Royal Assent.


The powers of this legislation are wide ranging and we offer training and information about how this new ground-breaking legislation will affect your business. Developed at a rapid pace this new legislation will frame the way we work for the foreseeable future.


Our highly  experienced construction consultants will use knowledgeable advice regarding new contracts and how they can be managed and most importantly how to avoid claims.

We can assist with issues regarding delay, project management and variations.


As well as this, we can also offer sensible and speedy advice on how to best deal with claims,  if and when they do inevitably occur.


We can offer to you a wide range of options available at various stages including debt recovery and adjudication.

We will also look at how the new Coronavirus Act 2020 will affect your business operation and what this means for you as an Employer.


Our Seminars provide training to clients, contractors, lawyers and professionals.  

Our seminars allow you to develop your skills and to understand new and complex legal topics.  

All of our seminars are delivered in house or online and  enable you and your team  to benefit from the flexibility of training and staff time management.

We can provide regular webinar updates and  assist companies working together whilst working either remotely or from home.


We understand the practicle effects of training and development which provides enhanced training to your team.

Debt Collection

The construction industry revolves around good cash flow.

We assist contractors and sub contractors in getting paid for the works that they have carried out under their contracts.  


We can assist with the preparation of statutory demands, demands for payment or relevant notices and certificates under a contract.


We can also prepare the relevant documentation for adjudications where a payment notice or a payless notice is not legally compliant.

We also provide assistance to other sectors where debt collection is required.


We have  been training in GDPR for several years now.  

We took this new legislation and embraced the huge changes it would bring to the business world and the private sector.


We will look at your contracts and practice methods  to make sure they meet GDPR  and The Data Protection Act 2018 compliance.


This includes ensuring that appropriate practices and protocols are in place.


Also we can assist with issues such as request for subject access of personal data or any issues relating to a data subject and their rights and help you along a journey should you become subject to an investigation. 


Here to help

We assist our clients in the construction industry with preparation, analysis, and resolution of construction claims. Our construction industry professionals assist in the resolution of construction disputes at all stages. 

Whether it is  The Coronavirus Act 2020, Data Protection or construction adjudication we are fully equipped to assist you. We provide in house training on various construction and data subjects.  We are leaders in embracing the construction and technology evolving data world. 

Unsurprisingly, the IoT and the data revolution has had a profound implication on Construction dispute resolution. We are equipped to assist your needs in both.


"The seminars were attended by all Directors and key personnel.  Each presentation was professionally and clearly tailored them to explain how regulation will affect John F Hunt Ltd and the impact within the construction industry."


Director John F Hunt Ltd